Ukrainians Die, as Europe Coos



Excuse the lurid title, but it’s only a variant of a headline that appeared many years ago in a New York tabloid: “Mother Dies, as Baby Coos.” I can’t speak for the accuracy of that headline, but today’s variant is, alas, all too valid. Because the fact is that Ukrainian soldiers are dying at the hands of Vladimir Putin’s terrorist hirelings as European states—and the European Union—are engaging the Kremlin with baby talk and diplo-babble.

Twenty-seven Ukrainian soldiers were killed by the terrorists during the cease-fire declared by President Petro Poroshenko more than a week ago (and which he ended on June 30th). Putin and his foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, liked the cease-fire and wanted it to continue. What’s not to like from the Kremlin’s twisted point of view? As the terrorists continued to shoot at Ukrainians, Ukrainian soldiers continued to be sacrificed at the altar of diplo-babble.

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  1. Avatar Murf says:

    Sadly they did the same thing during the Bosnian genocide. Bush Sr side it was a European matter and they did jack to stop it. According to a friend of Bill Clinton he told her (No not Monica) that when he raised the issue of removing the arms embargo, which favored the Serbs, to the European leaders they objected saying they did not want a Muslim state in Europe.
    I can not 100% verify this account but it does jibe with their lack of action for years in regards to Serbia.
    Obama may not have been any where near as much help as he could have been but he, Harper and several others did keep the pressure on the Europeans to act.

    Congratulations to the Ukraine fighting men(and women) for a hard fought victory!

    Best regards from the US

  2. Avatar Michael Brown says:

    Americans who love freedom should identify with the brave Ukrainians fighting and sacrificing for their homes and nation.