The Defense Ministry admitted that negotiations for the release of brave Ukrainian pilot failed



Currently, it is unknown where terrorists are holding Nadiya Savchenko.


All communications with the captured Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko have been severed. Her relatives do not rule out the possibility that she is taken to Russia. Ministry of Defense doesn’t have any information either. Savchenko was captured by the LPR fighters 17 days ago. Kremlin propaganda immediately labeled her a sniper, who supposedly killed Russian journalists.

Nadiya didn’t give up any information about Ukrainian military positions during the questioning by the terrorists. Her 76 year old mother is going door to door to the authorities asking for help. 31 year old pilot Nadiya Savchenko volunteered to go to Luhansk. She was serving side by side with men in the “Aydar” battalion until she was captured near Luhansk town of Shastya. She became known for her patriotic stands during the questioning by terrorists, who only allowed her to communicate with her younger sister Vira. It was then that the fighters admitted that the female officer was being kept by the cossacks in Donetsk.

Source: TSN.UA

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