Anti-Terrorist Operation: Liveblog (July 3)

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Following the refusal of Russian-backed insurgents to lay down their arms or cooperate in a unilateral ceasefire, President Petro Poroshenko announced the resumption of the Anti-Terrorist Operation of the Armed Forces & National Guard on late on June 30.

We will attack and we will liberate our land.
– President Petro Poroshenko

Since July 1 the campaign has been ongoing (you can follow our Liveblog series here). The assault by the Armed Forces has concentrated itself in air strikes and artillery, and sources within ATO command have estimated combined losses to pro-Russian forces the past two days to exceed 600, while losses to Ukrainian forces are claimed to be minimal. Over 100 military attacks were recorded on Wednesday in the renewed offensive.

Gains in Donetsk region have been steady with several towns liberated and fighting reaching Donetsk city itself. Civilian casualties have so far been minimal and unattributed. A flashpoint in the conflict, Sloviansk, has been increasingly isolated and cutoff from resources, and damage to the power grid has left the city in a reported state of blackout.

In Luhansk, tanks, rocket launchers, and surface-to-air systems continue to pour into the country while other groups of terrorists have captured gas compressor station, and a military outpost in the north of the region was destroyed under heavy shelling.

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  • Mykola Banderachuk

    bravo, keep up the good work,freedom is not cheap

  • Walter Salmaniw

    Fantastic news! Don’t back off now. Push until every last terrorist has been eradicated or forced back to where they came from. Slava Ukrayini!

  • Case Triskell

    Ukraine has to postpone the reintroduction of the truce as long as possible and gain as much as possible territory on the rebels. Be sure to create a large buffer along the border. From Derkul (in the north) to Novoazovsk (in the south) especially reinforced in the sector Parkhomenko-Uspenka. If Ukraine is forced to the negotiation table, it has to have a strong negotiation position. No acceptance of restoring Russian influence.

  • Kruton

    The enemy is trying to escape do not allow it.

  • Sam King

    Kill those Tarakans. Don’t let any escape because they will only return. Such is the nature of vermin and pests.

    • Milton Devonair

      True, classic. If you let your enemy escape, they will just pick a different time to attack you, a time when they have the advantage and they will try their best to kill you. So when the opportunity presents itself to end their threat, do it then and there….then move on.

  • Meerpeen

    Ukrain is unable to protect a minority and disqualify’s itself as an assett to the EU. I hope that people in the government are thinking different than the idiotic comments on this post. Only morrons can think that oppressing others is wise and ok to do. Whats next ethnic clansing and reintroducing labourcamps ? I doubt that you ever can become a full member of the European familly if you continue to think that way.


      What minority?? Ethnic cleansing? Are you drunk?

      • Milton Devonair

        if he’s a putin-gandizing russian, yeah, probably drunk on his mom’s radiator fluid and vodka. Oh wait, she doesn’t have a car….

        • Meerpeen

          Only intoxicated people with hatred can make such comments

          • Milton Devonair

            And only eurotrash like yourself can so arrogantly talk about Ukraine and Crimea like you do….all the while doing nothing but regurgitating putin-ganda…and using putin’s stolen gas to heat your decrepit flats and provide electricity for your lifestyle.

    • Kruton

      Escaped lunatic alert!

    • Milton Devonair

      lol comradski, you come off like one of the clueless euros that readily s*ck up all the putin-ganda about Ukraine and Crimea.
      But as long as you europeans continue to s*ck off the teat of the USA as you warm yourselves with putin’s stolen gas to heat your crackerboxes you live in, the world is fine.
      You europeans are always starting trouble, be it ignoring the slaughters/genocides around you (by other europeans) because your life is OK at the time…..or you are the ones don’t the invading/slaughtering of other countries.

      The sad thing is a country full of good people, like Ukraine will have to be forced to join the corrupt, socialist/communist eu in order to stay free of the criminally corrupt putin and his eurasian empire.

  • Murf

    As the American Civil War Confederate Cavalry General Nathan Bedford Forrest said; “We got em on the run boys! Now put the Sceer (Scare) in em!”
    No more cease fires.
    Press them on ALL fronts.
    When they break, keep driving them.
    If they make a stand, isolate it by pass.
    Worry less about casualties and more about maintaining the initiative, on controlling the battle.
    There will be fewer casualties in the long run if this thing is ended quickly.

    • Kruton

      “Getem a sceered and keepum a sceered” The only rebel that U.S.Grant worried about..

  • Kruton

    Annihilate the humanoid child raping Bolshevik rabble,crush the filthy commufacist rats!

  • Kruton

    Lord protect the innocent who have had this evil war forced on them by the bestial Dictator Putin!