Russkoye Radio is breaking ties with Russkoye Radio-Ukraine


The representatives of the Russian radio station think it is being discredited by the actions of Russkoye Radio-Ukraine in collecting money for the Ukrainian army 

The Russian radio station Russkoye Radio Eurasia stated the full suspension of any relations with the Ukrainian radio station Russkoye Radio-Ukraina. This is stated by the press service of the radio station.

“The Russian radio station Russkoye Radio harshly condemns the activities of Russkoye Radio-Ukraina in gathering ammunition for the Ukrainian national army! We state confidently that we have nothing to do with the radio station Russkoye Radio-Ukraina and consider their behaviour an action directed to discredit the Russian Russkoye Radio. Until today our radio station supplied Russkoye Radio-Ukraina with musical material exclusively. However, in light of scandalous behaviour of our namesake radio station, we have made the decision to fully suspend any relations with the radio station Russkoye Radio-Ukraina!” says the statement (the style and punctuation are original).

Program director of Russkoye Radio Roman Yemelyanov today, on June 26th, live on a Russian TV channel, stated that his radio station is not a mothership structure in regard to Russkoye Radio-Ukraina. “This is not our department, not our subsidiary… The only thing we had in common was the agreement to supply musical content… But after these events we decided to end this agreement,” said he. Yemelyanov added that he considers the collection of money “a provocation against the word that is present in the name of the radio station.”

Source: LIGA

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina.

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