Firtash shocks Vienna with his cortege and 17 bodyguards


The locals complain about Firtash, as he moves around the city with a cortege, and even drives, among other places, in “district one,” which is a pedestrian zone. 

Business Dmytro Firtash did not leave for Ukraine after the elections. These rumours were dispelled by German and Swiss media.

On May 28th, the German newspaper Die Welt and on May 30, the Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger published interviews with Firtash.

The German journalist writes that he wrote the interview with Firtash down in “an elegant home in the style of the 19th centre, where many representations of his companies are registered.”

The Ukrainian businessman is currently living with his family in a luxurious Vienna hotel, writes Die Welt.

It is most likely that it happened on Schwindgass street in the fourth district, in the Vienna city centre. This is where a department of DF Group is located. Earlier, Firtash gave an interview to the Austrian newspaper Die Presse there.

To the question whether Firatash voted at the elections of the Ukrainian President, he replied:

“No, I wanted to, but I wasn’t on time for registration two weeks beforehand, as is prescribed in the new legislation.”

“Whom did you want to vote for?”

“For democracy.”


“So, for Poroshenko?”


He did not want to comment on the information that he had met with Petro Poroshenko and Vitali Klitschko in Vienna two months before, though he had confirmed this information earlier.

As to the geopolitical situation surrounding Ukraine, he stated that “it would be very beneficial if Ukraine were to become like Switzerland.”

As to the gas conflict with Russia, he supposed that Ukraine has to pay the debt only in case Russia returns Crimea.

Also the German journalist sites that in Vienna Firtash has 17 bodyguards and several lawyers working for him. Such as the former Austrian Minister for Justice. Besides, numerous media experts and crisis manager, who was the advisor to Bill Clinton during his affair With Monica Lewinsky, are working for him as well.

Die Welt notes that the local citizens of Vienna are complaining about Firtash, as he moves around the city with a cortege of Range Rovers, and he drives in “district one,” which is a pedestrian zone.

Tagesanzeiger writes that even inside the Group DF building, Firtash is constantly under the protection of a minimum of 4 bodyguards.

Die Welts and Tagesanzeiger don’t report whether the journalists spoke to the businessman personally. However, earlier, a big Austrian newspaper “Krone” reported that their exclusive interview with Firtash was organised beforehand by his media experts. They answered the questions in writing vie email. During the meeting in a Viennese café, Firtash spoke off-record.


Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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