Activists Drill Water Source for Ukrainian Army Under Sloviansk


The Ukrainian militarymen conducting the Anti-Terrorist Operation under Sloviansk, stationed on Karachun Hill, had a serious problem. They had no water, and every trip to the nearest source endangered them. Activists found a solution – over the course of four days, they drilled a well 120 meters deep, solving the water shortage problem for the fighters of the National Guard and paratroopers stationed on the strategic height of Karachun Hill.

Yuriy Kasianov, an activist, shares detail in FB.

Water at Karachun Hill

We were told it’s impossible, that there was no water there for decades. Noone wanted to go there to drill, because there’s shooting and bombing there. But we took a risk anyway… We found some insanely brave guys – the Kharkiv company “Aquatorium” and went uphill escorted by courageous paratroopers of the 95th brigade.

The drilling went on for four days. Under mortar attacks, suffering from the heat and soaking to the bone in the pouring rain. Eating soldier’s porridge and sleeping in the protective coverings… The heavy-textured soil, lots of stones, pore spaces and caves… Noone believed we could succeed except for us – the activists and the drillers, and then all at once… Water!

What that water means to our guys on Karachun? This is life, safety and health. Literally speaking, one does not need to drive for water everyday day through the dangerous live-fire zone. Earlier the soldiers used to collect rainwater or filter technical water through a canister filter… bottled water was delivered by helicopters… Now you can drink to your heart’s content and even do bathing… When the war is over, the water will still be there

Idea by Miroslav Gai. Implementation by ARMY SOS. Works performed by the company “Aquatorium”.

Translated by Svitlana Skob

Source: Yuyiy Kasianov FB 

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    Bless them. What spunk…with activists like that how could Ukraine loss? They’ve given my faith back in the spirit of Ukraine.

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    Ukrainians are the most resourceful and heroic people.