14-Year Old Boy Tells How Terrorists Killed His Family


A 14-year old boy from Snizhne in Donetsk Oblast shared a harrowing story about terrorists shooting and killing his father, sister, and uncle right before his eyes. The brave boy wishes to get well and return back to his mother.

According to Tolik, his family was in a car, attempting to leave Snizhne and seek refuge at this grandmother’s house in Artemivsk. On their way out of the city, armed terrorists opened fire on their vehicle, killing all of his relatives that were in the car.

During subsequent surgery doctors were able to remove 4 large bullet fragments and several smaller ones. The brave child is now in recovery, his condition is improving. He also received antibacterial and infusion therapy. Tolik is able to answer questions about the horrible events, but starts crying as soon as he does. 

ранение мальчикранение мальчик


ранение мальчик

“All that I want is to return back to Snizhne, to my mother and my school,” says Tolik. His mother was unable to come to Dnipropetrovsk, but she stays in frequent contact with her son and doctors.

Translated by Anthony Lysenko, edited by Alya Shandra

Source: censor.ne

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