The Truth About Grad


By Thomas C. Theiner,

Russian propaganda fools and tools claim daily that Sloviansk has been shelled by Grad multiple rocket launch systems. It is an urban legend born out of the Russian tradition to shell enemy cities indiscriminately and with a perverted glee with multiple rocket launch systems (MRLs) until nothing lives anymore.

If Russia is using MRLs, and Syria is using them, then also Ukraine must be using them Russians try to make us believe… but it ain’t so! This Russian claim – like all their claims of war crimes in Ukraine – is ridiculous, laughable and just the usual vile Russian projection that crimes they routinely commit are not so bad and evil, as everyone else commits them too. Sorry Russians: you’re the only ones in Europe, who have been using MRLs to massacre cities, towns, villages and even fleeing people.

Ukraine is a civilized nation and has not fired a single Grad at Sloviansk or any other city in Ukraine- NOT EVER! If you don’t believe me, show me the videos or photos of the massive destruction a single Grad salvo causes. But you won’t find such photos or videos, not just because that never happened, but because all you Russians, pro-Russians, and other fools have NEVER seen what it looks like when a single Grad MRLs fires its missile complement at a city. If you would know how that looks, then even you in your foolish delusion would shut up.

Well, it is time for you to shut up. Here is a video of a Grad MRL in Syria firing at a town. Enjoy it, as a similar video from Ukraine you will never see; even though you wish for it, pray for it and hope for it daily, but Ukraine will never commit crimes as Russia and Russia’s allies do.


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