A new algorithm of communication with opponents from Russia


I am proposing a new algorithm of communication with opponents from Russia. 

  1. Protests against the actions of the Ukrainian army in Donbas are only accepted from those Russians who actively protested against the First and Second Chechen Wars and sincerely think that it was unacceptable and criminal.
  2. The claims that Crimea had the right to self-definition are accepted only from those Russians who agree that Chechnya has absolutely the same right to self-definition.
  3. Irritated questions such as, “Why has the investigation of murders on Maidan not been finished yet?” and “Why are there no results of the investigation of the Odesa tragedy?” are only accepted from those Russians who know the answers to the questions: “Who blew up the apartment blocks, the metro, railway statins in Russia (for the last time – if they don’t remember – as recently as December of 2013)?”, “Who organised Nord-Ost?”, “Who killed Listyev, Starovoytova, Rokhlin, Berezovskiy?” and also “Who killed JFK?”
  4. On principle any complaints and arguments regarding the deaths of peaceful civilians in Odesa and Donbas are accepted only from those Russians who were equally appalled at the deaths of peaceful civilians on Maidan. In particular, passers-by who had nothing to do with Maidan at all, who were shot by snipers.
  5. Any accusations at the USA of double-standard policies and violent interference with Ukraine’s internal affairs are only accepted from those Russians who are able to show any country or part of the country on the map of the world, which the USA have made part of their territory by holding a referendum (in the last 50 years).
  6. Any accusations at the Ukrainians of hatred towards Russians, calls for violence and aggression, are only accepted from those Russian who will provide documented evidence about groups of Ukrainian mercenaries who systematically cross the Russian border and kill Russian citizens on its territory.

Let us not argue with them at all, and if we do – then regarding Hamburg.

Mayya Tulchinskaya

Source: UAinfo 

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • Svarun

    Mayya, I totally understand your point: the hypocrisy of Kremlin’s press and cyber advocates is mind blowing.

    But I advice caution; such communication might imply the equation between situations in Chechnya and Eastern Ukraine; for all what I learned so far the difference is huge (correct me if I’m wrong):

    1. Chechen-Ingush ASSR was an autonomous unit of the Soviet Union – unlike the Eastern Ukraine
    2. Chechen and Ingush people had a clear majority in Chechen -Ingush ASSR; ethnic Russians are a clear minority in the East Ukraine.
    3. Gruesome crimes of Russian military during the Chechen wars cannot be compared with a legit attempt of Ukrainian military to defend own land.

    Add 3.: I saw video clips on separatists using residential buildings for attacking Border Guard platoon in Luhansk; Ukrainian air force didn’t bombard it – apparently to avoid civilian casualties. Russian military didn’t hesitate to turn whole cities into ashes along with their residents. Grozny was the most destroyed city on earth.

    The similar goes for the Kremlin’s ally, Assad’s regime.

    Glory to Ukraine!

    – Your foreign friend.