Yanukovich’s fellow inmate claims that the former was a “disgusting” person and was not respected in prison


The former President was a hooligan and a member of a criminal group.

Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych was not respected even in prison, and his cellmate considered him a “disgusting person,” reports “Ukrainski Sensatsii” program.

In his younger years, Yanukovych participated in the criminal group “Pivnovka,” so named after the district where the future President lived. The locals of the escapee’s mother city Yenakiyeve say that the former President was a hooligan, however his unlawful actions were soon discovered by the police and he was put behind bars.

In 1967 Yanukovych, still a minor, was deemed guilty of robbery and burglary and sent to a children’s colony. He was freed early – in 1969, and a year later he was thrown behind bars for the second time, now because of a beating. According to the criminal case, the former President caused a bloody fight next to a beer kiosk. However both cases were soon dropped.

In 2005 the Office of the Prosecutor of Donetsk Oblast drew up criminal charges against Yanukovych for forging documents, according to which the charges against the former President were dropped, however the case remains open until today. The documents that helped “cleanse” the former President’s biography have mysteriously vanished.

Mykola Moskovchenko, who shared a cell with Yanukovych as a child, claims that in prison the former President was only respected by the administration. Another one of Yanukovych’s “neighbors” in Yenakiyeve prison claims he was a disgusting person.

“He is a disgusting person, disgusting. He is not a man,” said the man who “did time” with Yanukovych during his second imprisonment.

Source: TSN

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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