George Tuka: About the Ukrainian army… for all you armchair generals

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There are too many specialist nowadays who all think they know “how it should be done”: it should be done with helicopters, with specialists, with contractors…

Dear “specialists”! Ukraine has the army that it has. An army that wasn’t properly dressed, trained or equiped for 23 years. An army that wasn’t paid and that was unconscionably demolished by all presidents and premiers for all those years!

Just last Sunday we were with the 51st brigade.

We need specialists, you say? Some of the servicemen only took their oath of loyalty there, in the Mizhevsk region! For the first time!!

Experienced officers, you say?  Some of the lieutenants, graduates of Lviv universities, were also taking their oath of loyalty in front of us!

Formidable weapons? The residents of all the Volodymyr-Volynskiy area were restoring 140 units of military equipment, which couldn’t even get out of the hangar, with their own money and their own forces!

Despite all this, I will never let anyone speak disparagingly about Ukraine’s army! About those people who, knowing how things really are, despite the wails of their wives and tears of their mothers, despite the fear, in spite of everything, have gone to fight! Have gone to protect all of us! Have gone to protect their homeland!

We have a very tough opponent: a crazed symbiosis of Russian professionals and Donbas ghouls. Some of our people are happily pushing a knife into the backs of our sleeping soldiers!

To my greatest regret, further casualties are inevitable and there will be many. But we will surely win! Because, in the end, victory is not just because of the weapon, but because of the man! Glory to Ukraine! Death to our enemies! Glory to our army!


Translated by Dasha Darchuk, edited by Lidia Wolanskyj

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  • chornajuravka

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  • Ryan

    if i could join, i would. glorie în Ucraina, slavă eroi.

  • John Sarlat

    Forward, soldiers, bold and fearless,
    Hear the call of God;
    Prove your courage in the conflict,
    Tread where brave men trod.

    Lift aloft the cross of Jesus,
    Hold it high and strong;
    Shout the name of him who saves us,
    Swell the battle song.

    Faith our shield, and hope our helmet,
    Satan’s hosts we face;
    Marshaled in the might of Jesus,
    Win we by his grace.

    Heed the order of our Captain,
    Wield the Spirit’s sword;
    Onward, fearless, press to conquer,
    Slaying by his Word.

    They shall share the glad Hosanna,
    Who on him believe;
    They shall ’neath his royal banner
    Crowns of life receive.

    God Bless the men Of Ukraine for you are the righteous defenders of your homeland. May Putin’s infidels suffer mightily at the point of your Trident spear.

  • John Sarlat

    In Hoc Signo Vinceremos!!!

  • Marcela

    I was wondering where all the brave people are I can not find one in the Czech Republic and finelly I have found them in Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine Heros. Love with you. I wish you luck, health and wisdom. Marcela