The CEC Has Not Given Ballots to District Committees in Donetsk 


May 24th, 2014 | 21:23


As of 19:00 (7 p.m.) none of the 5 district electoral committees of Donetsk have received ballots for voting at the presidential elections.

The representatives of two district committees were officially allowed by the CEC not to go to work in light of threats, said a source from one of the district electoral committees in Donetsk.

“As of this moment there are no ballots. They did not come to the district committee… The members of the 42nd and 43rd district electoral committees were officially allowed by the Central Electoral Committee not to come to work tomorrow,” ‘OstroV’ cites its source.

According to the source, this decision is connected with numerous threats received from activists of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk.

What is more, according to the agency’s informant, there had been an attack, during which one of the representatives of the district electoral committees in Donetsk had been beaten.

As of now there is no confirmation that even a single voting point would open in Donetsk on Sunday.

Source: TheInsider

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