Terrorists are going en masse to Sloviansk and are preparing a large-scale attack


May 21, 2014

The Sevastopol-based editor-in-chief of BurkoNews, the English-speaking resource maintained by the journalists of the “Ukrainian maritime portal”, has published information that a large-scale attack is being prepared by the Sloviansk terrorists. He announced this through his facebook page.

“Through the work of volunteers who are actively wire-tapping and eavesdropping on radio channels of terrorists and monitoring their forums to get insider information on what is taking place on the ground, it has been possible to put together a single uniform picture of the training of militants to the last shot in Sloviansk.  This information is confirmed by cross-facts that are complementary to each other.

Today nearly all the fighters withdrew from the roadblocks in Druzhkivka, and over the radio channels information was passed that the greater part of the terrorists in cities close to Sloviansk are going there. Them militants are getting ready to quietly sneak into the city, passing the checkpoints, and will not be carrying any weapons with them. It is strongly stressed that they will get all necessary weapons on the spot.

Along with this, the separatists are actively recruiting emergency physicians: “In Sloviansk there is an urgent need for military field doctors in the following specialties:  neurologist; neurosurgeon, psychotherapist. Preferably with own nurses.  Please call: +380509663437,” it is stated in the ad. (The phone number has deliberately not been removed; you can call and recruit yourself as psychotherapist to the separatists 😉 ).

In addition, several times, information has come out from the Zella channels and from locals that the Svyatohirska Lavra (Monastery) is engaged in aiding the terrorists. In the tunnels under the Lavra is the main storage points for the weapons and ‘priests’ are actively campaigning among parishioners, using religion to brainwash in the best traditions of the Moscow Patriarchate.

I suggest the following:

1) Tighten, at all border checkpoints into Sloviansk, travel access into the city, thereby disrupting the mobilization of terrorists disguised as civilians.

2) Track all contacts and phone numbers of persons engaged in direct recruitment of health personnel and militants. Take measures to isolate them.

3) Perform operations to verify the involvement of the clergy in anti-Ukrainian propaganda and agitation. In case of confirmation, send them to their authorities – in Moscow. Check the facilities and underground passages for storage of weapons for the militants.

This is just a small part of what can be done to thwart the active and aggressive activities of the fighters.


Source: FB account of Roman Burko

Translated by Olena Wawryshyn, edited by Alya Shandra

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