Military medics deployed to southeast borders of Ukraine

2014/05/21 - 19:15 • News


Members of Ukraine’s military medical corps

On Tuesday, May 20, specialists from the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Central Region arrived by military aircraft (AN-26 plane) in regions where they will provide medical care for the military units serving  on the eastern and southern borders of Ukraine, reports Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense.

Several medical groups, which include surgeons, anesthesiologists, therapists and medical support personnel, will replace those who, for the past month, have been providing emergency medical care for the servicemen on the battlefield.

The group composition differs from the previous ones, since this time more chiefs of surgical and therapeutic clinics and offices are present. For the first time, one of the medical groups is headed by a woman.2014-05-20-14108-64818

“Each one of us has extensive experience providing medical care on the battlefield. This is why all believe it is their duty to be there where they are most needed, where their professional activity will save lives and preserve health, said the head of the ophthalmology department of the Military Medical Clinic Center of the Central region.


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