National Guard Conscripts Address Residents of Donbas – VIDEO with English subs


National Guard conscripts in the zone of the Anti-terrorist operation have addressed Ukrainians. Their goal is to protect residents of the Eastern towns from danger, to bring the peace and order that all Ukrainians dream about. This is stated in the video message of the National Guard, reports TSN.

Dear residents of Donbas,
I would like to address you on behalf of soldiers of the National Guard,
We are reservists, first and foremost, we are not trained military. We are teachers, engineers, business people. We are same citizens like everyone else, we love this country, we live in this country, we wish peace and tranquility. Our main goal is to ensure the safety of our country’s citizens, to protect against persons who have obtained weapons illegally.
We are not here to fight peaceful residents or civilians, we are here to fight armed criminals who rob people, those who have taken away our peace and tranquillity, those who make our schools and kindergartens unsafe. We came here to protect our citizens, our people.
Greetings to the residents of Sloviansk, Please don’t think anything bad of us, we are on your side, we are YOUR army. We will be helping and protecting you, making sure you are all right. All of our commanders are very concerned for your safety, we are making sure none of you are harmed. Our goal is to save the lives of all residents, regardless of differences in beliefs or opinions. We are one people, one family. We must love and respect each other.
Translated by Anthony Lysenko
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