Bike Run For a United Ukraine Starts From Lviv


On May 11, a Lviv-Odesa bike run started from the Lviv Opera theater with a goal to show the unity of the Ukrainian people.

The participants wish to show the unity of the Ukrainian people, noting that they especially want to visit Odesa. “We especially want to visit Odesa and show that the tragedy that took place in the local Trade Union building is a common tragedy for all of us, and not for some pro-Russian activists. We must do everything to make sure that is doesn’t repeat,” said Serhiy, a bike run participant.

He also said he is not afraid to go with Ukrainian flags to Southern Ukraine, where there is a significant amount of pro-Russian citizens. “Comparing to what the patriots in the East experience [on a daily basis – ed.], it is simply funny to speak about our fears,” Serhiy emphasized.

Eight participants have joined the 9-day bike run. However, only four of the plan to reach Odesa due to lack of time. Apart from Lvivians, three Kyivans and one person from Khmelnytskiy have joined the bike run.

The bike ride participants are posting updates in the VeloMaidan facebook community page.


Translated by Alya Shandra

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