Ukraine is ready to repel Russian aggression after the “referendum”


Monday, May 12, 2014, 17:26

Andriy Parubiy

Ukrainian troops are ready to repel an attack if there is aggression by Russia after the “referendum” in the Donbas, stated the Secretary of the National Security Council Andriy Parubiy, reports BBC Ukraine.

“If Russia acknowledges the referendum and starts active operations, I declare once again: If there is an act of aggression, Ukraine will defend its territory and its state,” he said.

Parubiy said that the government will not acknowledge the referendum. “We recognize that this political adventure can somehow be regarded as legitimate,” said the Secretary of the National Security Council.

He also said that the government understands that the attack can happen at any day. “Ukrainian troops are ready to respond to a possible attack or act of aggression by Russia,” he concluded.

On May 11, in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, pro-Russian separatists carried out a so-called “referendum” on the status of the region. These polls are not acknowledged by the central government. In addition, the OSCE, the United States, Germany and France will also not acknowledge the results of the “referendum”.

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