Akhmetov Denies Giving Money to Separatists


Tuesday, May 13, 2014, 19:20

Renat Akhmetov

Renat Akhmetov

Businessman Renat Akhmetov said he did not finance the protest movement in Donetsk Oblast, though Hubarev claimed that he has.

Akhmetov made the statement while answering a question from Interfax-Ukraina on Monday.

“Pavlo Hubarev said I paid two-thirds of the activists. I can confidently say that I have not and will not give a single penny to anyone. And the key point is, I did not pay them, I persuaded them. And if I have already persuaded two-thirds, I will proceed with that. People came to me with one kind of arguments, and left with another,” Akhmetov said.

“I told them, let’s unite around the following words – the happiness of Donbas. So that every citizen is happy. And what does happiness mean in terms of the region? It is having strong economics, new working places, a decent job, a decent salary and a decent life,” the businessman added.

“It is respecting our memories, our history, our language. In one word, when our traditions are respected and our ambitions are respected – to have a better life. And I deeply believe that Donbas can be happy only a part of a united Ukraine. I am for a strong Donbas in a strong Ukraine,” emphasized Akhmetov.

Previously, the self-announced governor of Donbas Pavlo Hubarev stated that 2/3 of activists of the national resistance were financed by Akhmetov. But the only activity of Akhmetov’s supporters lay in “making the people angry.”

Since Hubarev’s statement, the Party of Regions decided to “explain to Russians that the so-called people’s governor Pavlo Hubarev is a fraud whose place is in a madhouse.”

Source: http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2014/05/12/7025135/

Translated by en.pravda.com.ua


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