Terrorists threaten to burn down factories if workers avoid “referendum”


im578x383-separat_vibory_bbc (1)In Avdiyivka, Khartsyzk and Horlivka, armed men are forcing residents who have not voted in the pseudo-referendum to vote for federalization or else they will burn down the plants where they work, reported Ukrainska Pravda, Sunday, May 11, citing an informed source.

“Armed men arrived at the factory demanding that workers leave to vote. The owner refused. They then brought the voting urns right up to the plant, but people still did not want to come out. Men with automatic weapons are demanding to take the people to the referendum. Otherwise they threaten to burn down the factory,” the source reported.

According to the source, there are some 100 people at the plant in Avdiyivka currently. Near the factory 6 people with automatic guns have arrived in cars with license numbers VAZ 2109, AN 6911, “Lanos” AN 2113 EA. They are accompanied by about 10 people in cars.

As reported earlier, in Avdiyivka the “referendum” was not supported by local residents.
According to the publication TSN, in all districts in Avdiyivka there is nobody except for the armed extremists and a few “committee members” who are supposed to register willing voters.

Source: http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2014/05/11/7025018/


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