Pentagon – Russian troops are still on Ukraine’s borders


Sunday, May 11, 2014, 12:09

Russian troops are still located in the border areas of eastern Ukraine and are ready to invade. The information comes from Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby at a briefing commenting on the statement by Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin on the withdrawal of the Russian troops to places of permanent deployment.

“We see no signs that confirm this,” said Kirby, Deutsche Welle reports. ”The troops are still there in large numbers.” According to the U.S. experts, “the Russian troops are still in a state of high alert.” Kirby also said that the Pentagon still urges Moscow to withdraw troops from the border because their presence hurt the chances of de-escalating tension in the region.

Earlier, the U.S. had found no evidence of a withdrawal by Russian troops from the border with Ukraine despite the statements from President Putin. NATO has also not seen any evidence of a decreasing Russian military presence on the border with Ukraine.

On May 7, Putin announced that Russia withdrew its troops from the border with Ukraine; now they are located where regular drills are held. However, Ukrainian border guards claim that they continue to record Russian troop and equipment maneuvers near the border.


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