The Right Sector’s Official statement concerning the celebration of May 9


To prevent provocations and clashes that Russian subversives are preparing on May 9, the Right Sector will not hold any activities on this day.


The Right Sector’s Official statement concerning the celebration of May 9

Taking into consideration that we constantly receive obtain different information about provocations that are planned by pro-Russian separatists and other criminal elements to happen on May 9 in order to destabilize the situation, we officially inform as follows:

  • The Right Sector does not plan and will not implement any actions during the celebration of May 9, except for safeguarding public meetings with war veterans where the corresponding organisations had already applied to us for assistance;
  • The Right Sector has no enemies among the Ukrainian population of any social status, religion, or age, and least of all — among veterans of World War II;
  • We consider May 9 to be a day of honor of all the people that died during World War II and offer to all divisions of the Right Sector to honor those heroes by a minute of silence;
  • Any acts of violence against Ukrainian people that wish to celebrate the date of May 9 in a peaceful manner will be considered by us as unacceptable;
  • All information about any plans to misuse Right Sector symbolics or the name of ‘Right Sector’ that became known to use will be transferred to the law enfrocement agencies;
  • We demand from law enforcement agencies to locate and block any illegal groups;
  • We emphasize that using any symbols or the official name of the Right Sector during the celebration of May 9 by any pro-Russian group is illegal.

The political council of the Right Sector

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