The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is furious about “sanctions” of a Swiss college due to the situation in Ukraine


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has heatedly criticized the response given to an applicant from Russia by the headmaster of a college in Lausanne, who contacted her concerning the possibility of a placement.

This response was published on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation:

“Good Afternoon, Madam!

We have assessed your candidacy and we thank you for your trust. Unfortunately, we are not able to consider your resumé positively. Our philosophy impedes us from hiring professors from a country:

– where the government illegally occupies the territories of an independent and free state;
– which instigates and provokes a civil war in other countries by the means of sending their armed agitators;
– whose president is constantly lying and doesn’t respect nor the international law nor the signed agreements;
and whose people support their president with an approval rating of 70%;

These are our sanctions and our protest against the politics and the war, unleashed by Russia. We wish you every success in your future search, please, accept the assurances of our utmost respect.

Martin Freiburghaus, the headmaster.”

The commentaries of the Russian officials, however, do not contain any justification of the arguments presented in the response. The criticism is rather aimed in the direction of “look who’s talking”:

Considering the flatness of the response by M. Freiburghaus, one should presume that, none of the 140 professors of this educational institution are nationals of the countries that, have bombed Yugoslavia, illegally invaded Iraq, unleashed the Libyan War, by various means sponsored international terrorism in North Caucasus and in Syria. Otherwise one could think that, those in charge of the Swiss colleges are clearly blockheads. By the way, are Russian citizens at least allowed to study there? Naturally, not free of charge, but for “bloodstained money”? – declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation encouraged their supporters to spam the college’s email address.


Translated by: Dasha Darchuk


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  • chornajuravka

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  • M. Oliver

    Good for you Mr. Freiburghaus! The next step, of course, is to kick out the Russian students. Let them be educated in Russia where they will not pick up any dangerous ideas such as tolerance for those who don’t share their Russian culture or language. The stated policy of three official cultures and languages in Crimea didn’t last very long. Attacks on Ukrainian speakers and persecution of the Tatars are growing after the recent illegal Russian annexation of the peninsula. I cannot imagine why Russian parents would spend their money on European educations for their children.

  • Volodya

    Sounds like a temper tantrum by a bully. Tsk, tsk. Too bad, Russia. You now reap what you have sown.

  • Adrian Bryttan

    well, very interesting response by Russian Foreign Affairs… they are implicitly equating their actions in Ukraine with the thuggish actions of West… yep, when u know u are wrong, u just fling mud at the person pointing that out.

  • adambaumsocal

    That does it Martin Freiburghaus, the headmaster, Spanktions for you..