Ukraine’s security services continue anti-terrorist operation; block plans to blow up water reservoir


Ukrainian soldiers stand guard at aa Ukranian checkpoint near the eastern town of Slaviansk

Ukraine’s anti-terrorist operation near Sloviansk

Terrorists detachments were activated in almost all towns of the Donetsk Oblast Monday, May 5, and flags of the so-called local “people’s republic” were widely displayed, reports TSN correspondent Alexander Motornyy.

But the biggest and fiercest battles have been taking place since early morning near Sloviansk and Kramatorsk. At present, separatists, who have experienced serious losses, are being forced to retreat deeper into the cities. In Kramatorsk, Ukrainian security forces have been advancing towards the city center. Last night, expecting penetration at one of the entrances to Sloviansk near the village of Korobov, saboteurs tried to create an armored train near the railway crossing. To do this they began to cut firing slits in the coal-hauling train cars by using oxy-fuel cutting torches. However, after preliminary reconnaissance, Ukrainian military helicopters using precision shooting were able to block those plans.

Alpha soldiers destroyed several sniper points. However, the sniper war in the Donetsk oblast is expanding significantly. According to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) spokeswoman Maryna Ostapenko, information has been gathered on sniper “nests” in the populated area of Horlivka, Semenivka and Sloviansk and also on the firing ambushes around the hotel complex “Tsarytsyno,” the sanatorium “Shakhtobudivnyk,” and the Sloviansk city hospital. The SBU continues to detect saboteur groups in the villages of Makarivka, Krasnyy Lyman and the city of Luhansk. The scheme for the defense and mining of the streets in the village of Druzhkivka and in Sloviansk and Kramatorsk has also been exposed,” she said.

According to the SBU, the terrorist commander who goes under the name “Strelok” gave orders to his subordinates to steal explosives from one of the mines in the Sloviansk area and to blow up the Karlivka water reservoir.

Reported by Alexander Motornyy, TSN

Translated by Anna Mostovych




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