Proof Russia coordinated capture of OSCE team



Igor Hirkin, alias Strelkov

The “active participation” by the Russian delegation in the release of foreign hostages was pure theater, according to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

The SBU has uncovered evidence of Russia’s coordination and direct influence in the events surrounding the kidnapping of the OSCE military verification mission reports Espreso.TV, May 3, citing the press service of the SBU.

Despite statements by Russia that the responsibility for the hostage taking lies with Ukraine, recorded telephone conversations between Vladimir Lukin, the special representative of Russia’s President, and Igor Hirkin ( alias Strelkov or “Arrow”), the leader of the armed terrorists, shows that the official Russian side is coordinating the actions of the militants and has a direct impact on their decisions, SBU states.

In this regard, the SBU believes that the “active participation” of the Russian delegation in the release of foreign hostages is no more than a theater performance.

As has been reported, on April 15, terrorists seized a bus in Sloviansk with 7 members of the OSCE, 5 representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the driver. According to Germany’s Ministry of Defense, the group consisted of three military observers from Germany, a German military translator, and four military observers from Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Sweden.


Phone conversation between militants and Russian representative. English subtitles.


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