Crimean authorities are charging Crimean Tatars with ‘blocking sidewalks’ after protest against Dzhemilev’s ban to entry Crimea


As a result of yesterday’s action with blocking the roads in Crimea after Mustafa Jemilev was barred from entering the peninsula, Crimean authorities are charging people with “abusing the sidewalks”. Here is a document that was received today.

protocolOne of the participants of yesterday’s events: “After Crimean Tatars were prevented from going back to Crimea by the Russian military at the “Turetskiy val” checkpoint, friends and relatives started to block the main roads of the Crimean peninsula. They were trying to make Crimean authorities let the Tatars back in. The road blocking itself was quite weak. Sometimes people just kept crossing the crosswalks to slowdown the traffic.
Crimean drivers are used to this type of protests and mostly found detours around them. As a result, there was no traffic jams. In one case, a woman was in a hurry to get home to her child. She was allowed to pass through immediately.”

Crimean authorities didn’t spend much time thinking about it. The charge looks as follows:
“For simultaneous mass movement of people in a public place at a crosswalk … “A fine of 10 to 50 thousand rubles”.

Source: Crimea SOS

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