Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry comments on the release of OSCE hostages


Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Saturday, May 3, 2014

As a result of the joint action plan of the Ukrainian authorities, law enforcement agencies, the government of the Donetsk Oblast, and the coordinated efforts of Russian intermediaries and the special monitoring mission of the OSCE, today, May 3, the group of international and Ukrainian observers detained as hostages by extremists was released in the city of Sloviansk.

The release was preceded by intensive consultations and the suspension of the anti-terrorist operation.

The terrorists who held the hostages recognized the futility of their actions and released people as a result of the firm and persistent actions of international and Ukrainian entities.

However, the decision itself was taken after obtaining explicit instructions from Russian authorities, which again demonstrates the subordination of the extremists to Moscow.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine welcomes the release of the OSCE observers and considers the success of this operation an example of the ability of all interested parties to fulfill the Geneva agreements of 17 April 2014 in the presence of political will by the parties to deescalate the situation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine calls for the continuation of all necessary efforts to implement the provisions of the Geneva declaration.

Translated by Anna Mostovych

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