Center for training subversives for Donbas created in Crimea, volunteers get paid 100 UAH per day


The Ukrainian security service has arrested one of the separatists. During questioning the arrested person said that in April he was recruited by an employee of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian armed forces during a trip to Crimea.

According to him, anyone could come and join the ranks of the so-called ‘self-defence force’ of Crimea with a subsequent course of preparation at the naval infantry training base near Feodosia. Ukrainian citizens who joined the illegal armed groups received 100 hryvnia per day, and those who had military training got several times more. 

Video with English subs:

I am a citizen of Ukraine. During my trip to Crimea, I was recruited by the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation. According to my information, any citizen of Ukraine could travel to Crimea and join Crimea’s Self-Defense organization.
Those who had previous military experience, could go through retraining at the Marine base training center near Feodosia. Those who joined Self-Defense, received allowance, and were paid 100 gryvnya per day ( $9 ). Those who were being retrained received much more money. These individuals were being trained to take an active part in the engagements on the continental territory of Ukraine.
Question: Among those who were being trained on the base, were there citizens of Ukraine or also foreigners?
There were citizens of Ukraine, Russia, as well as representatives of the Russian Cossack Movement.
Question: Who specifically conducted training on the territory of the base?
The trainings were conducted by the instructors of the intelligence and security forces of the Russian Federation

Source:, translated by Crimea SOS, video translated by EuromaidanPR


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