Donetsk blogger: attack on Ukrainian rally was attack by Russian nazis upon Ukrainians for being Ukrainian


A blogger shares a powerful realization after witnessing the brutal beatings of participants of a peaceful pro-Ukraine rally in Donetsk by pipe wielding pro-Russian/Russian thugs on April 28. The clincher was when he read the story in a major Russian paper, with the headline claiming that it was Ukrainian nationalists who attacked an anti-fascist rally….


At this point I won’t describe what took place today in Donetsk, you can see this in video, photos, and the news. I’ll only say one thing – that after these latest events, I am now convinced that Russia in fact has always wanted to destroy the Ukrainian nation, as claimed by Ukrainian nationalists.

I confess, I doubted this before. I didn’t consider the Holodomor as a genocide of the Ukrainian people, even though I could understand why Yushchenko insisted on this version. I always held a more moderate view regarding relations with Russia than did the Ukrainian nationalists. But now, thanks to this lesson, I realize that I was mistaken.

After what I witnessed in the past few days, I no longer doubt that Russia hasn’t always fully intended to destroy us: by starving to death, by extermination, by assimilation – simply because of our Ukrainian origin. Now I have no doubt whatsoever, because I have seen with my own eyes, how they attacked [us] for displaying Ukrainian flags in Ukraine. Now I understand how this happened earlier – in the 30’s, 40‘s, 50’s in the USSR. I couldn’t really imagine this before, but now that I have actually witnessed it myself, I now believe.
Now I know that there is not a word of truth about the Banderivtsi in Soviet history. I understand how they were made up to be monsters, how they were slandered, because I can see living evidence of this before my very eyes. I see how Russia lies now, and I understand that it lied always. That everything written about Ukraine in Russian books, portrayed in Russian film are lies and slander. If now they can manage to lie in the age of the internet , when all information is on the web, then what’s to question about the 30’s and 40’s . ITAR-TASS wrote that in Donetsk, Ukrainian nationalists attacked an anti-fascist demonstration.

During their Ukrainian rally today in Donetsk, there was no one speaking in Ukrainian . There were no other flags except for the Ukrainian flag. This was not a confrontation on the grounds of fascist vs anti-fascist, even in the distorted use of the terms by Russia. This was an attack by Russian nazis upon Ukrainians for being Ukrainian. Ethnic cleansing.


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