Has the Federal Migration Service rebutted the ban to Dzhemilev to enter Crimea?


April 22, 2014

As reported by Ukrinform and the press service of the Federal Migration Service of the Russia Federation, the Federal Migration Service considers the document which is said to ban Mustafa Dzhemilev from entering Crimea to be nothing more than a “piece of paper”.

“We don’t have any such information. Why do you think he is banned from entering the Russian Federation? I can send you the same sort of document myself. You can send me one too. I saw it, and there’s simply nothing to comment on,” a representative of the press-service said.

Moreover, the press-service reported that the document provided to Dzhemilev on entry to Crimea is just a piece of paper without any legal effect.

“It is just a sheet of paper, which was written for someone by someone without any official seal or signature. There is nothing to comment on. We don’t comment on such papers,” the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation said.

On April 22, 2014, Mustafa Dzhemilev, a leader of the Crimean-Tatars, was served with a “Notification of a prohibition to enter the Russian Federation” when crossing the administrative-territorial border between Crimea with Ukraine.

Dzhemilev called the document nothing more than an indicator of the “civilized” country we deal with.

He also stated that he would go to Crimea regardless of any such resolutions.

Source: http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2014/04/22/7023291/

Translated by Anatoliy Shara


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