Three Ukrainian SBU officers captured and held by terrorists


In Horlivka, in the Donetsk oblast, fighters captured three Ukrainian Security Services (SBU) officers from Kyiv.

Representatives of the separatists told journalists that the assignment of the detained services personnel was to scout out and capture Ihor Bezler, one of the Donetsk self-defence leaders, reported the Inter-Tass News service.

Currently, they are being held in Sloviansk, where they were taken from Horlivka.

The detained are part of the special force A (Alpha) of the SBU including the commander of the group and two officers (Lieutenant Colonel, Major, and Captain). They were apprehended while carrying out their combat mission to capture members of the national militia of Donbas in the town of Horlivka, said Ihor Stilkov, the head of the terrorists in Donetsk.

According to Stilkov, “they will be exchanged for fellow militia members [of the so-called ‘People’s Republic of Donetsk’] who are being captured and transported to Kyiv or they will remain with us until the resolution of the situation.”

Video taken by terrorists:


Translated by Olena Wawryshyn, edited by Andriy Shymonyak

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