PROJECT POSTCARDS FROM MAIDAN: Meet Vitaly, construction worker

2014/04/18 - 20:23 • News

Project Postcards from Maidan: Meet Russian-speaking Vitaly from Sumy.


    I am truly moved/touch by Ukraine’s/Ukrainians’ indomitable spirit, determination, patriotism and valiant resolution !!! I am Cuban, and witnessed first hand the horrors of communism many years ago, as well as the nastiness, arrogance and intransigence of the soviet occupiers of MY country….
    What a contrast when in 1964– when I arrived in Chicago as a refugee I met sooo many children whose parents too had escaped from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia !!!!
    I had a Ukrainian boyfriend for 6 years in the early 70’s, and it was through him that I really studied Ukrainian history seriously, and made it my goal to one day visit Ukraine. I was very lucky to have done so 4 years ago, during a trip to Slovakia. I entered through Uzhgorod, took the TransCarpathian Express to Kyiv, then after a few days flew to Simferopol, and took a taxi to Yalta, where I stayed 4 days…. I realized at last my long-life dream of climbing up to the SWALLOWS’ NEST CASTLE in Gaspra !!!! What an incredible journey that was !!!!
    and I am going to make it a point to come back once the AGRESSORS have been kicked out !!!!