“Alpha”: Our snipers were sent to government buildings


Saturday, April 12, 2014, 19:54

The head of the Ministry of the Interior’s Alpha special forces troops admits that its snipers were sent to the Presidential Administration building, and then to the Cabinet of Ministers building. Volodymyr Chovhaniuk, the head of Alpham discussed the issue at a meeting of the temporary parliamentary commission investigating the shooting of people on Maidan, reports LIGABusinessInform.

Answering the question whether there were snipers deployed on February 20, he said: “On February 20, the Head of the Center received the command to send people to the Administration of the President to protect … I was not present in the AP or in the building of the Cabinet of Ministers. We sent 100 people sent there, including snipers,” he said.

“First, snipers were sent to the Presidential Administration, and then they were sent by a command from the Department of Civil Protection. They gave the command to move to the Cabinet of Ministers, where our snipers were watching the situation,” – he said. “However, according to the reports that I received later, they did not see people with weapons; they say that they noticed many people moving on the roofs that might have been spotters, because they saw vision devices,” – he added.

“But as I was reported, these people might have had scanners – once spotted, they immediately left. There were several occasions when our snipers saw cases for transporting weapons. Nevertheless, they did not see the weapons themselves,“ he also said.

Answering the question whether their snipers saw other snipers from Falcon or Omega, he said, “No, as far as I know, no.” When asked whether their snipers shot anyone, Chovhaniuk said, “No, our snipers would never allow themselves to shoot at unarmed people, unless it is part of a special op and when a person might be a threat to others.”

“The employees of Alpha shot no one and did not use their weapons. Our snipers were involved long after the main events in which people were shot – they moved to the positions only around noon,” he said. “Our unit took part in only one event – in the trade unions building. On the Presidential Administration and the Cabinet of Ministers we were simply reinforcements,“ said Chovhaniuk.

He also said that the Prosecutor General’s Office is preparing to withdraw their rifles. “Our weapons were checked out. A ballistic examination has not yet been conducted,” he said.

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