‘Self-defense’ commander seizing Donetsk buildings comes from Tula, Russia


Russian News Service (RSN) put one of the “self-defense” commanders who seized the Donetsk administrative building on the air:

-Can you present yourself?
-Paramonov Pavel Vladimirovich

-Are you a resident of Donetsk?
-Of course not, I live in Yefremov, Tulska Oblast [Russia].
-What are you doing in Donetsk?
-Helping a fraternal people defend their rights.


Source: http://goo.gl/jaNBzQ

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    Putin’s puppets. Putin as initiated his own demise via the heavenly Father.

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    And, good for him! Power to the people, to hell with the US puppet dictatorship in Kiev and the incompetent kleptocrats that preceded them.