Parliament Adopted the Law on the Lustration of Courts


lusWednesday, April 9, 2014, 21:19

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law “About the renewal of trust in the court system of Ukraine”. This decision was supported by 234 national deputies. This resolution defines the juridical and organizational principles of holding a special test for judges of general jurisdiction.

Six national deputies were involved in authoring the law. In an explanatory note to the law they stated that the court system in Ukraine is now in a hard state as it is completely corrupt. This law, according to its authors, will enable the government to renew trust in the judicial authorities in Ukraine by engaging in a real, not formal, lustration of the court system and preventing the courts from any taking part in any kind of corruption.

In addition, the law makes alterations in the laws “About the judicial system and the status of judges”, “About the Supreme Council of Justice” about appointing judges for administrative positions, expanding the number of reasons for termination of powers of the Supreme Council of Justice and the Supreme Qualifying Committee of Judges of Ukraine members, as well as electing delegates for the convention of judges of Ukraine, etc.

The original text is on Ukrayinska Pravda at:

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