“Congratulations, Putin!” – the new shocking social poll in Russia


08.04.2014 14:08

“Congratulations, Putin!”

Just now we conducted a public opinion poll together with the Agency for Social Research for an order, a sample of 4200 people, classical sampling of respondents, phone calls, the street. The question: “Do you support the introduction of troops into Ukraine”, without explanation about Crimea, Donbas, and Kyiv.

56.8% – yes, 19.6% – no. In the protesting, intelligent Moscow it’s 51% / 24%, in St.Petersburg 47% / 31%.

Second question: “Are you ready to be drafted into the army to carry out such a mission or send your child to war?”.

52% are willing to go themselves and kill their fellow Slavs, and send their children into the meat grinder. In Moscow – our Moscow who voted for Navalny – 49.8% are ready to go.

But the real shit is yet ahead. Multivariate question: “Into what other country would you support the deployment of Russian troops to safeguard the interests of the Russian Federation?”.

The maximum amount (I will not tell you the precise numbers) – into the Baltic countries. Then into USA. Japan. And, surprisingly, at the very end, Israel.

And now hold on tight. “Are you ready for sanctions (inability to travel abroad, foreign goods deficit, economic hardship) in the case of Russia’s active use of its armed forces?”

Yes, answered 50.4% across Russia and 45.2% in Moscow.


Congratulations to Putin. He has succeeded in creating a state of such absolute rednecks that I am not scared anymore. I am just disgusted.

Alexander Tsyganko

Source. Translated by Alya Shandra

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