Russians caught planning political kidnappings in Lviv


øSaturday, April 5, 2014, 08:07

The Special Service of Ukraine (SSU) detained two Russian Federation citizens in Lviv oblast. The suspects wanted to kidnap some persons, among them a candidate for the President of Ukraine. However, the SSU did not release the name of the candidate who had been targeted for kidnapping. 

A search of one of the detainees’cars resulted in the discovery of explosives and and a metal cylinder-like object with a wire attached, which is thought to be a detonator. Moreover, 16 rounds for a Makarov pistol and a notebook with detailed plans including the scheme of the candidate’s transportation and licence plate numbers were found.

The SBU also has found a tablet with the photos of this politician as well as a Lviv Oblast Council MP, and a former national deputy of Ukraine and photos of the houses belonging to these persons and directions to them. The SBU detained both criminals. One of them is 27 years old; the other is 28. The Lviv Oblast Prosecutor’s Office is determined to open criminal proceedings on the basis of Article 112 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (attempt upon the life of a statesman or a public person).


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