Anatoliy Hrytsenko: The Regime is Playing with Fire!


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The regime did nothing and watched passively as Putin took over Crimea. How one military base after another “fell,” how ships and airfields were taken… Putin had already taken over Crimea…

Now the regime, too, is doing nothing, and it is watching on passively as Putin takes over Eastern Ukraine – Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv…

SBU officers from Luhansk call: The SBU Administration Building’s being taken over! There are weapons there, documents, including secret ones, investigative work, agents’ reports!! We call the police and special forces units – and they have 2,500 troops on the ground! – Why aren’t you defending them?! We have an order not to interfere, they say. Who’s the commanding officer, the senior officer? They don’t say a word. Mister Hrytsenko, is this treason? Is Kyiv giving up Luhansk? All of the Donbas? Why isn’t Avakov on the scene? Nalyvaichenko? Parubiy? Turchynov?

I have to repeat myself here: I think this is at minimum about the regime’s ineffectiveness, or sabotage affecting it… or it’s treason!

Is it a strategic agreement with Putin or a tactical move for stopping the presidential elections (because some see that they have no chances in them) that’s the reason for the regime’s inaction – I don’t know for sure. Maybe you know?

I expect the regime in Kyiv knows what it needs to do in the next day to restore control over the situation.

I expect the regime in Kyiv will finally realize that it needs to learn to listen to, and hear, people in the East of the country.

I must remind the regime one more time: don’t allow things to heat up, avoid escalating the conflict. It’s always much more effective and cheaper (in the complete sense of the word) than to localize what have already become the consequences of a conflict.

Translated from Ukrainian by William Risch


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