Interfax-Ukraine: Kyiv offers Moscow a plan to transform Russia into a confederation


The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (MFA) offered Russian Federation a plan to make a confederation out of Russia, which involves having several official state languages to ensure equal representation of ethnic minorities in the matters of state and politics.

euflYevheniy Perebiynis, the head of the MFA’s Department of Information Policy, commented on Russia’s proposal of Ukrainian federalization and upholding the rights of Ukrainian citizens, at a briefing on Monday, March 31. Mr. Perebiynis pointed out that the Russians’ forceful suggestions on Ukraine’s federal organization, political, economic and sociocultural life were grossly inappropriate.

“Russian leadership had better concentrate on making their own federal structure meaningful; for instance, they could reinstate democratic elections in the regions and provide for the rights of ethnic minorities, who suffer from the inability to fully participate in the governmental and political activities and are removed from deciding on the development of their regions,” he underscored.

“If no progress can be made towards those goals, Ukraine could give Russia some advice on how to perfect and optimise its government and political system. For example, we could produce a plan to make the Russian state into a confederation, implement 5 to 10 official languages, and put up national quotas in the main government institutions which would fully represent all ethnic and language groups of Russian society”, said Perebyjnis.


Map of the administrative divisions of the Russian Federation

The MFA officials are sure that such steps would allow the Russian Federation to come closer to civilized examples of democracy where human rights are ensured and a respectful attitude towards ethnic minorities is maintained.


Translated by: Anna Palagina, edited by Alya Shandra

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