Georgian stars release music video WE ARE UKRAINIANS


Georgian stars release music video in support of Ukraine WE ARE UKRAINIANS.

People dying ’cause they can’t be slaves
Everyone must be as one, must be brave
Hold each other my friends, tell to ourselves
It’s time to stand together and together say:

Keep together we all can win this war,
Save the future and our mother world,
Don’t need take a gun and don’t need a sword
We’re just sharing love and sharing these words:

I’m Ukrainian
No matter who we are
I’m Ukrainian
No matter where we are.

There’s no fear when you know you’re not alone
Show the world your helping hand come along
Hear, we are calling you, join us on the road
As ever, we must be hopeful, be strong

We want freedom
Show to our children
(That) we want freedom

I am Ukrainian
No matter who we are
I am Ukrainian
No matter where we are.

We are Ukrainians
No matter who we are
We are Ukrainians
No matter where we are



Nini Badurashvili, Nodiko Tatishvili, Niko Beridze, Quchis bichebi, Sophie Gelovani, Ivanna Melay, Kristine Imedadze, Giorgi Chiqovani, Giorgi Sukhitashvili, Salome Bakuradze, Marisha.

Directed by Serega Spielberg
Director of photography Zurab Tsitsishvili
Music by Paata Silagadze
Lirics by Giorgi Utiashvili
Guitar – Zurab Kaladze
Bass – Levan Kapanadze
Produced – David Kopinashvili
Special thanks to CG Georgia

Sound city studio & Perfect Style production

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