Imports to Ukraine decreased 15% by volume


Wednesday, March, 26, 2014, 18:50

The Ministry of Revenue reports that the volume of goods imported into Ukraine decreased by 15% in volume and in monetary terms by 24%. The minister’s deputy and a supervisor of the Customs Service, Vitaly Naumenko, announced this, UNIAN reports.

Naumenko states that, “budget receipts have been rising due to contributions made by the Customs Service. 6.3 billion UAH was transferred for March and this exceeds the figures from January and February. We are planning to reach 7.7 billion UAH as of this year end that will be 71% of the target of the State budget’s total fund,” Naumenko said.

The foreign trade deficit was USD 142.8mn in January, 2014, which is USD 15.2mn or 11. 91% more year-on-year as January 2013. The State Statistics Service reports that the export of goods from Ukraine in January 2014 decreased 12.3% in comparison with January 2013 in monetary terms to USD 4.389mn; imports decreased 11.7% or USD 4.531mn. The export-import coverage ratio in January was 0.97 (in January 2013 it was 0.98).

The original text is on Ukrayinska Pravda at:

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