Court suspends four Russian channels’ broadcasts in Ukraine


1972284_10152096806048800_922192703_nTuesday, March, 25, 2014, 21:26

The Kyiv District Administrative Court has suspended the broadcasting of Russian TV channels in Ukraine for the duration of a lawsuit of the National Council for Broadcasting on the illegality of their activities.

This was announced at a briefing by a Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council, Victoria Siumar.

“Kyiv District Administrative Court passed a resolution according to which broadcasting of Russian TV channels in Ukraine must be suspended for the duration of the lawsuit of the National Council on Television and Radio against the major broadcaster of these channels.”

“Tomorrow, the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting, which filed this lawsuit, will explain what this decision means for cable operators,” said Siumar .

She said that this decision refers to the first Russian channel, RTR, NTV and Russia 24.


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