Admiral believes Putin is preparing to invade Ukraine


Russian troops are continuing to mass near Ukrainian borders despite Russian government’s proclamations to the contrary, warned Admiral Ihor Kabanenko, former-First Deputy Chief of the Armed Services of Ukraine, at a press briefing Wednesday, March 26, as reported by Espreso TV.

“Russia is attempting to enflame the situation through various means,” Kabanenko said. “Currently it is relying on a fifth column –the extremists financed by Russia. Then it will begin the land operation. Right now Russia is using bribery and blackmail. It is engaged in an information war. Intrusion is very likely,” he said.

Kabanenko believes peaceful behavior by Ukrainians has opened Putin’s path to Ukraine.

“The situation is changing very rapidly. Therefore, the plan to follow the scenario of not shooting is not very good. Our peaceful behavior opened the path to Crimea and is opening the path to Ukraine. If we had behaved that way in 1995-1997 in Tuzla (Island), in Odesa and Novoozerne, we would have lost our territories at that time,” he said

He believes that Verkhovna Rada must admit that aggression has occurred and that a military invasion may soon follow.

“Society needs to understand that there is no peace. We’re at war. A supreme general command must be created. There should be complete mobilization. We need to take advantage of the energy of the people at ground level and legitimately arm the population. We must reorient our military-industrial complex. There are many things that are necessary to protect the country.” Kabanenko concluded.


Translated by A. Mostovych


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