Channel 5: Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approves evacuation plan for Ukrainian citizens from Crimea



19 March 2014

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the evacuation plan of Ukrainian citizens from the Crimean peninsula to mainland Ukraine in the course of today’s session. Ostap Semerak, minister of the Cabinet of Ministers, announced that during the news briefing after the session, UNIAN reports.

“Today, we approved an appropriate plan of actions. The decision was approved by the government and the National Security Council of Ukraine. The plan provides to order all levels of the central executive branch to start preliminary stage of the plan and fulfil tasks outlined for today,” the minister noted.

He also expressed his hopes that this process will not be threatening. However, Ukrainian government has to prepare to “the appropriate reaction for possible migration waves”. As UNIAN reported earlier, the illegitimate government of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has conducted illegal referendum and announced that almost 100% of Crimean voters support the decision to join Russia.

On 18 March, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has asked the parliament to approve 2 new administrative subjects – Crimea and Sevastopol – into Russia. At the same day, [Vladimir] Putin, [Serhiy] Askyonov, the illegitimate Prime Minister of Crimea, Volodymyr Konstantinov, Chairman of the Crimean parliament, which was dissolved by Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian parliament], as well as Oleksiy Chaliy, the ‘authorized representative of Sevastopol’, have signed an agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Crimea regarding the acceptance of Crimea to Russia and creation of new administrative subjects as parts of Russia.

The Russian State Duma is going to review the bill regarding Crimea joining Russia tomorrow.


Translated by Oleg Naumenko

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