Equipment snatched from journalists in Crimea passes to Russia’s FSB


завантаження (2)Monday, March 17, 2014, 21:55

Phones, cameras and tablets of the journalists from Ukraine, Norway and Poland that were snatched at the Crimean Commissariat in Simferopol have been passed to Russia’s FSB. The journalists were told about this by the self-proclaimed representatives of the Crimean army.

“Your equipment is there – talk to Moscow,” reporters were told on Monday. 

On Friday, in Simferopol, at the military commissariat, unidentified masked men robbed the journalists of their equipment. The guards on duty explained that the equipment was taken away because media were “asked not to film.” Journalists were outside of the Commissariat. The reporters were promised that their things would be returned to them “after checking.”

The original text is on Ukrainska Pravda at:

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