Armed men kidnap military commander in Crimea


Armed men kidnap military commander in Crimea

In the village of Plodove in the Bakhchysarai district in Crimea, which belongs to the military unit A4515 (Belbek), armed gunmen attacked and kidnapped the unit commander on March 17, reports Espreso.TV.

An eyewitness described the kidnapping to the Center for Investigative Journalism, adding that he and others were forced to lie on the ground during the incident. According to the local resident, about a dozen armed men without insignia staged a shooting at the military camp and drove away with the commander in an unknown direction.

“Armed ‘green men’ arrived in a Mercedes Vito minibus and a paddy wagon, occupied part of the military camp and began to throw civilians on the ground. They then moved to the garrison area, shot into the air, hit the commander with a rifle butt and forced the military unit to go over to the side of the Crimean army,” he said. The eyewitness also reported that the armed people searched the garrison area “looking for weapons.”

“They didn’t find anything. They put a bag over the commander’s head and drove away with him. The unit is small; there are no weapons. What is most ridiculous, equipment from this unit is being leased by the Russian Federation,” he reported.


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