After the referendum, Ukrainian soldiers in Crimea will be declared delinquent

2014/03/16 - 12:36 • News


Russian soldiers in Crimea received clear orders from Moscow concerning the Ukrainian Army. The Russians stated that they will start acting in earnest on March 17, reports

The Ukrainian military units that are currently under siege will be declared delinquent formations, creating a legal pretext for entering on their territory. The Ukrainian soldiers would be provided with two options: either to serve outside Crimea or to accept Russian citizenship.

Any form of resistance will be met with armed offensive. Peaceful civilians will not be harmed. They would simply be issued Russian passports to replace their existing ones. In case of neccessity, civilians can take shelter in basements.

The Cossacks in Crimea do not conceal the fact that they have arrived from Russia to protect Crimeans, but are sure exactly from whom.

Translated by Dasha Darchuk, edited by Lesia Stangret and Mariana Budjeryn

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