Russian Economist Sergey Aleksashenko: Our country is led by a crazy maniac


Russian economist Sergei Aleksashenko: “When I read insane Matviyenko’s statement that the Federation Council is ready to support the deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine, although no one has addressed such a request, I realized that our country is led by a crazy maniac: Who does not care about the fact that dozens or hundreds or thousands of young Russians will die on the fields of a useless war; who does not care that Russia will become a rogue state in the international community; and who does not care about the fact that his fellow citizens in other countries would appear as fratricidal maniacs.

When I read that the Federation Council unanimously (!) voted in favor of the deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine, I realized that (in the Federation Council) there is not a single person, for whom principles like honor and conscience exists. I cannot say that I was very surprised – the selection of appointees does not allow for any coincidences – but it’s left “a bad taste in the mouth.”

But so, unanimously? Nobody even abstained? What kind of a creep do you have to be, not just to lick ass, but also to demonstrate “a feeling of profound satisfaction and legitimate pride”? (For those who do not know: this is a quote from a song by J. Kim, written in 1977). When I read that “one in four survey respondents (25%) believes that in Ukraine there was a coup and a seizure of power, 29% of respondents noted rampant of anarchy and banditry, and 27% of respondents called the current events the beginning of a Civil War, “I realized that the Russian government has achieved it’s goal: it’s raised a generation of automatons who do not want to think, but just want to be told what to chew.”

Translated by Borys Vasylyshyn, edited by Alan Beckett

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