Russia is openly amassing military equipment by the northern border of Ukraine

2014/03/13 - 01:06 • News

Video and photographic evidence of Russian military maneuvering was received today from various sources. No attempts were made by them to conceal their movement towards the Ukrainian side.militarytrucks.jpg

Photos of armored vehicles being carried by rail were taken by witnesses in the area of the Bolshaya Lopan’ village in the Belgorod region, the Novosty 2+2 news agency reported.

Additionally, mobile artillery units are being transported along the streets of Rostov in broad daylight, without any concealment.

Acting Defense Minister Igor Tenyukh previously reported that there are 220,000 Russian soldiers, 1,800 tanks and 400 Russian helicopters positioned near the north-eastern border of Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that Russia allowed the Ukrainian side to perform an observational flight over the Russian territory under the Open Skies

Translated by Constantin Necrasov, Edited by Olena Wawryshyn

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