The following is an update by the Embassy of the Ukraine in the United States.

“The Crimea, an integral part of Ukraine, is being occupied by foreign troops. The aggression is intensifying, Russian troops are consolidating control over the Ukrainian peninsula.

On March 9, 2014, the developments were characterized by the following:

  • Continuation of blockade of Ukraine’s Armed Forces in Crimea, extension of Russia’s military presence on the peninsula
  • Reinforcement of personnel and military equipment of Russia’s army in Crimea and Transnistria, particularly by rocket systems “Grad” and military units previously dislocated in Chechnya
  • Seizure of Ukraine border guard division ‘Chornomorske’ by Russian military, destruction and strafing of Ukrainian military equipment on at least two border guard posts
  • Assault and seizure of Ukraine Air Force bases in Saky and Novofedorivka, blockade of Ukraine Air Force base near Dzankoy
  • Installation of Russian block-posts on strategically important Perekopsk strait which connects Crimea to mainland Ukraine
  • Mining of water dam near the village of Ryumshyno
  • Shut-off of electronic system of Ukraine’s Treasury in Crimea, which processes payments for Ukrainian military
  • Rotation of Russian military personnel in Crimea, who are suspected of doubting the justification for invasion
  • Dispatch of rocket cruiser ‘Moskva’ from Russian naval base in Sevastopol towards Ukraine’s mainland
  • Arrival of Russian nationalist radicals in Ukraine, their participation in extremists actions and provocation of standoffs among the population
  • In [Luhansk], members of foreign extremists groups have seized the building of Province Administration and tried to force the resignation of the governor
  • In Donetsk, participants of anti-war rally were forcefully dispersed by unknown people who entered Ukraine from Russia
  • Fights were provoked during peaceful demonstrations in Crimean cities of Simferopol and Sevastopol by those who came from Russia
  • Intimidation and physical harassment of anti-war activists and journalists
  • Kidnapping of Crimean “Euromaidan” organizer Andriy Shchekun by unknown people
  • Violent detention and beating of at least two groups of Ukrainian journalists at the entrance to Crimea from mainland Ukraine
  • Shut-off of broadcast of all Ukrainian TV channels in Crimea
  • Organization of rummage mechanism on Simferopol railway station of all the passengers who arrive to Crimea from mainland Ukraine”
  • Source: Embassy of Ukraine in the USA (
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