Summary of progress in Ukraine, March 3-10, 2014

Analysis & Opinion


1. The entire world (with the exception of Syria!) has condemned Russia.
2. There are plans to expel Russia from G8.
3. International agreements with Russia are being terminated.
4. Europe is boycotting Russian products.
5. The Russian stock market has taken a dive.
6. The US has dispatched two of the best of its fleet to the Black Sea.
7. The US is giving US $2 billion to Ukraine (no need to repay it).
8. Putin and his circle are seeing sanctions imposed against them and their accounts frozen.
9. NATO is ready to defend Ukraine’s borders.
10. Ukraine’s GDP is growing and hryvnia has recovered against the dollar.
11. The EU will give more than US $11 billion to Ukraine in IMF loans.
12. The EU is opening its market to Ukrainian imports (unilaterally). This translates to more than US $500 million in additional trade annually.
13. The EU is ready to sign the political provisions of the Association Agreement with Ukraine within a week.
14. EU plans to recover and repatriate to Ukraine some US $50 billion embezzled by the Yanukovych family and their circle.
15. The entire world (except for Syria!) has expressed support for Ukraine.

Translation: Olga Ruda

Source: FB post

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